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A Leading Education Publishers Since the advent of New Millennium

About us

At Ali Brotheran, we take pride in production of Textbooks on every subject for the students in Pakistan. Concentrating on Curriculum, set Procedures and Benchmarks issued by Government of Pakistan with the blend of international approach in Textbooks, for it is;

‘Need Of Every School’

We strive each day to excel in  the 

development of book.


Established since 1993, Ali Brotheran was established with primary focus on Publishing and Printing industry of Pakistan. This field was not new for Ali Brotheran being the successors of Punjab Art Press Established in 1964. For almost half a century worth experience we have paved the history of education in Pakistan.

 Since its establishment we have earned respect through rendering our services to our worthy clients that are GC University, LCW University, CMH Lahore Medical College, Civil Services Academy, Punjab Curriculum & Textbook Board and many others.

 In 2006 Government of Pakistan introduced new Curriculum in the Country. NTLM Policy 2007 changed the direction of education in the country. Ali Brotheran had been one of the contributors to this policy from curriculum development to making Textbooks this excellent step of the government a reality bitcoin mixers. Although we developed many Textbooks in different subjects but the Textbooks in the subject of Mathematics are being appreciated and being taught all over Pakistan.

 Now Ali Brotheran focuses on development of Textbooks with the slogan


We developed books for ECE (Early Childhood Education), Primary, Elementary, Secondary and Higher Secondary students.



Mahboob ali Asim


Mahboob Ali Asim is professional publisher and printer with over 25 years of experience working and consulting with publishing organizations. Currently, he is heading the AliBrotheran operations to facilitate academic and education structure and bringing innovation into traditional education system in  Pakistan.

Mr Asim maintains a strong network of business leaders in publishing industry. Mr Asim contributing in Reshaping of Education system by digitalization of textbooks and making them align with current Information technology era.

In addition, Mr. Asim is also the founder of AliBrotheran, which provides innovative business solutions to Textbook boards of Pakistan. He has a MBA  from University of Punjab, Executive MBA from University of South Asia.

Recognition & Awards

NOC Punjab Textbook board.

– 2009

NOC from KPK Text Book Board

– 2019

NOC from Azad Kasmir Textbook Board

– 2013

Punjab Book Fair Influential Business Personality

– 2015

Core Values


Our Believe

O Allah, benefit me with what you have taught me, teach me what will benefit me, and increase my knowledge.”(Al-Tirmidhī)


Our Vision:

Build Quality Educational Society.


Our Mission:

Crafting Quality Educational Resources (QER) as per our societal standards.


Our Policy:

Continuous innovation in Educational field motivates us to evolve and craft Quality Educational Resources. 



We are the register publishers Punjab Curriculum and Textbook Board (PCTB) since 2010, and KPK textbook Board (KPKTBB) since 2019.

Our first publication 1957

Our Team

Our strong editorial, sales and marketing team is committed to delivering value to our customers.

Sell & Marketing

Fwad Ali

Nadeem Ahmad



Kamran Faisal


Bismillah A-Rashid



Muhammad Amin Sabir

Graphic Designer

Muhammad Arslan


Composer & Designer

Sarfraz Ali

Web Designer

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